Are you looking for hair products that are all natural and organic?  And that can be used to  lotion your body? Sounds too good to be true, I know, but that is what I deliver everyday.

Hello and Welcome to Tree Of Life Naturals where I provide handmade all natural & organic hair care products that can also be used on your body! Giving you smoothness from head to toe.

If you’re like me when you have spent countless hours looking for all natural hair care products, only to be constantly disappointed with their poor results that cost you a lot of your hard-earned money, you get mad and frustrated. Many products claim to be “all natural” or “organic” but still have alcohol in them , which has a drying effect on your hair or their all natural product uses synthetic or manufactured fragrances.  My products have no alcohol in them and I use essential oils for fragrance.  Essential oils are all natural oils that are derived from plants, trees and flowers.

I wanted to create something different and better.  So in 2012, I started this business to bring my fellow Naturals, hair products that are handmade by a Natural.  Each batch is

made to order to guarantee that you receive a fresh batch.

My customers want their hair to look and feel as healthy as it can be. She isn’t afraid to invest in her hair because she knows the value that it gives to her appearance.  She wants to be complimented and feel confident about how her hair looks each and everyday. She wants to help the environment (which is what you are doing when you use all natural products) and her scalp while she does it.

My customers are provided with quality products that gives them confidence from head to toe. Please click here to view Tree Of Life Naturals product line.