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I remember when I was a little girl and not liking myself because my hair was short and wouldn’t grow. I remember dreaming about how I would feel if I had long beautiful hair.

Now fast forward 42 years, I love my hair, it is beautiful. I learned that it wasn’t my hair that was the problem but what I was doing to it that was the problem (at that time what my mother was doing to my hair). Education about what is good for our hair is key.

Are you with me, if so subscribe to this blog and let’s build a community of women that are sure about who they are, so we can pass that legacy down to our girls!


My mother received her Coconut Dream hair and body butter as a gift from me a couple of days ago.

She can’t stop using it!!! She said the scent wasn’t overpowering and she loved how it makes her skin feels.
My mom is 70 years old and she is very picky so this product gets two thumbs up 👍🏽 from Mrs Frances.

side note: Its one of my favs also. I have purchased over 8 containers of these beautiful butter. (Their all gone)

Thank again and we both are Happy Customers.

Rave Review!

My hair is very thick and dry. After using Tree Of Natural’s All Natural Hair Grease, my hair is manageable, and not dry anymore.

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