About Me

I remember when I was a little girl and not liking myself because my hair was short and wouldn’t grow. I remember dreaming about how I would feel if I had long beautiful hair.

Now fast forward 42 years, I love my hair, it is beautiful. I learned that it wasn’t my hair that was the problem but what I was doing to it that was the problem (at that time what my mother was doing to my hair). Education about what is good for our hair is key.

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My hair is very thick and dry. After using Tree Of Natural’s All Natural Hair Grease, my hair is manageable, and not dry anymore.

Satisfied Customers Have Told Me

Here is a review of our Ajia Destiny Hair & Body Butter. It is our signature product and at the time of this review was called Ajia Destiny Shea Butter Sealant. Also at that time our name was DezMar-Ink Naturals.

“The first thing I noticed about the Ajia Destiny Shea Butter is that the consistency is just perfect.  Its not too thick, not runny, not waxy and not gooey.  In my opinion, it is the ideal consistency for a substantial butter. ”

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Product Review by Blogger Curly Tea

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