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About Me

So I’m sitting on my back porch at 11:45 pm having just finished watching Tracey Walker Speaks on Periscope. Boy, did she pump me up!
I’m excited because now more than ever I realize my company brings value to my customers and I want to reach more people.

I remember when I was a little girl and not liking myself because my hair was short and wouldn’t grow. I remember dreaming about how I would feel if I had long beautiful hair.

Now fast forward 42 years, I love my hair, it is beautiful. I learned that it wasn’t my hair that was the problem but what I was doing to it that was the problem (at that time what my mother was doing to my hair). Education about what is good for our hair is key.

I want to share what I have learned with my customers so we can break the legacy that black girls hair don’t grow!

Are you with me, if so subscribe to my blog and let’s build a community of women that are sure about who they are, so we can pass that legacy down to our girls!

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