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Long Lasting Curls for Locs

One of my favorites styles to wear my locs are the Pipe Cleaner curls. I enjoy this style because the curls last until I wash my hair AND it gives my hair so much body.

I was introduced to this method of curling my locs a few years ago on Chescalocs YouTube channel and I instantly fell in love with them.

I recently did my own demonstration Scope on it last week. Click this link to view it



Pipe Cleaner Curls Tree Of Life Naturals
Marcia Shannon52 of Tree Of Life Naturals wearing Pipe Cleaner curls. They have fully dropped.

When you first take the Pipe Cleaner curls out they will be very tight ringlets but each day the curl will drop until it is a wavy long curl. This is the part that I adore because after they have fully dropped they will stay and not drop anymore. It takes my locs about a week to fully drop.


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