Natural Hair Care

The Correct Way to Use Shea Butter

If you are using Shea Butter on your hair to retain moisture, then you do not put it on dry hair.You have to first give it something to seal in.  Shea Butter when used correctly to retain moisture is applied to hair that has been moisturized, according toShea Butter World.

After reading this profound information on Shea Butter World’s website, I thought about it and it made sense. Yes, Shea Butter has many other wonderful uses but if you are using it specifically  to moisturize your hair, you are not using it right if you are applying it to your hair before mositurizing your hair. Butters do not moisturize, they seal in moisture. The best moisturizer is water and the next best is aloe vera; that is why I have combined both of them in my Ciara Destiny Hair Mist.

To moisturize your hair you can use water, another moisturizer such as aloe vera or my Ciara Destiny Hair Mist.  Many naturals are using the L.O.C. Method, which is a three step process: 1. Liquid applied to hair, 2. Oil applied to seal in the liquid, and 3. Cream applied to hair to seal in the oil. You can read more about this method on my previous blog post.

Shea Butter is one of my favorites! It has so many uses other than for your hair or beauty. That is why most of my products have Shea Butter as their base ingredient. Shea Butter has healing and medicinal benefits. It contains more Vitamin C than an orange!

Please share in the comments your thoughts on not using Shea Butter on dry hair or any other methods that you use.



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