My Hair & Body Butters

All Natural Hair Grease Debut 2016

I created an all natural hair grease for my old school customers that still like to grease their scalp. It is thicker than my hair & body butters but can also be used on your hair and body, just like my hair & body butters.
I have received soo much positive feedback from my customers about this new product.
One customer stated that her hair is very rough and kinky and that my All Natural Hair Grease has made her hair softer and smooth, so much so that her hair stylist even noticed the difference.
Another customer stated that this product is working wonders on her daughters hair.
Another customer likes it so much that she is going to ask her hair stylist to purchase it for her salon.

I came upon this great new product because I tapped into my customers wants. As an entrepreneur I want to develop new products that my customers want and the best way to do this is to think of one person instead of a target audience. Thinking this way allows me to be personal. I thought of a small segment of my customers, the ones that are not with all the new stuff and still roll the old fashioned way. By doing this I not only created a product that appeals to  this person but also to many others.

This product was debut at Shi Shi’s Lounge  Ladies night.

It is made with Organic  Shea Butter, Jamaican Black Castor OilEssential Oil Blend and Vitamin E oil.
To purchase it click this link. It is on sale for $10 for a 4 oz jar but purchase soon because the price will go back to 13.99 soon. It is also packaged in my L.O.C. Method Hair Treatment. I am currently offering a Purple Rain Limited Edition of the L.O.C. Method. It includes a 40z Ciara Destiny Hair Mist, 4oz Hair Oil and 4oz All Natural Hair Grease or a Hair & Body Butter. You can click the same link above to purchase this set.



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