Mother’s Day Giveaway Ends May 15, 2016

For some of us Mother’s Day never ends and that’s exactly how Quida B. Davis of Simple Savings For ATL Moms feels. She is hosting this Mother’s Day Giveaway and it will end May 15, 2016, after Mother’s Day.

The Mother’s Day Giveaway will include a Coach shoulder bag, products from 2 Natural companies that are also on Periscope AND my newly released “Purple Rain Edition”  L.O.C. Method package. It  has the three products  that you need for the L.O.C. Method. The L.O.C. Method is not my creation, Naturals have been using this hair care system to maintain natural hair for some time now. What I have done is to package all the elements needed for this hair care regime to make it easy and convenient.  I provide in one package the Liquid, Oil and Cream.


The L.O.C. Method is a layering method to help seal in moisture for some that have bone dry hair by the end of the day. The layering effect helps to maintain moisture. For more info on this method you can read my blog post L.O.C. Method.


Quida is one of my Periscope sisters and she Provides Frugal news That You Can Use on Periscope everyday, except for Friday between 7:30 AM EST-8:00 EST.

Please go to her blog Simple Savings For ATL Moms for entry  details.


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