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3 New Things I learned About Essential Oils

I attended an Essential Oils class so I could learn more about my industry, health & beauty. The presenter at this class was Deb Henderson she is a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils. This class was very informative and packed full of good content so I decided to write a blog post about it and share with my followers three things that I learned. I was so impressed with her presentation that I have decided to only use doTERRA Essential Oils in my products starting in the near future. I met Deb at Women In Action, Inc breakfast series workshop and she approached me (she initiated the contact) about using her Essential Oils in my product. She made the connection that since I made all natural products I might want to consider using her Essential Oils in my products and then she followed up. These are key points for an entrepreneur to follow when seeking new customers, connect the dots for your potential customers. You have to market yourself! More about that in an upcoming post
on my other blog Women in Action is located in Worcester, MA/USA. It is a non-profit organization started by Chantel Bethea
Here are the three things that I learned. I know a lot about Essential Oils but I choose to keep an open mind so I can continue to learn more:
1. What are Essential Oils
Essential Oils come from the plant’s immune system .I searched on the web and found out further that when you cut a plant the substance that comes out is its essential oil, it is just like our blood when we get a cut we bleed and our blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the body, it is the same way with the essential oil and the plant.
2. Why use doTERRA Essential Oils?
Deb Henderson explained that doTERRA harvests their quality essential oils where it is natural for them to grow. Their essential oils are sourced from a global network of growers to ensure the most pure and efficacious essential oils. They even built a water line for a village in Haiti where they harvest some of their essential oils, so that the local harvesters don’t have to walk long distances to get water.
3. A new Way I learned to use Essential Oils
Tea Tree Essential Oil can be used for a sore throat by gargling with it. Peppermint Essential Oil can be used as a breath freshener simply by putting a little on the roof of your mouth. When cooking with Essential Oils add them last, just before the dish is ready.

Share in the comments ways that you use Essential Oils!



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