Essential Oil

One Sure Way to ADD a Punch To Your Essential Oils

One sure fire way to add a punch to your Essential Oils is to layer them when you apply them to your body. At an Essential Oil Class that I attended I was given a book on Essential Oils called The Essential Life. As I read it later I came across this layering method. i tried it and liked the results. In the book it recommends to layer for aromatheraphy benefits, as well as, to intensify the Essential Oil’s impact.

Layering is the process of applying more than one oil to a desired location to intensify the effect of an oil or to address multiple concerns at once. The Essential Life book

Peppermint Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil are good for muscle aches and pains. I have a recurring problem with my left leg it hurts badly in the muscle when I overexert myself. I use doTERRA Essential Oils because they are globally conscious of where to harvest the best oils and they assist their artisans with practical and monetary solutions to improve their living conditions.

This is What I DID!

  1. I applied the Peppermint Essential Oil first to my thigh, and
  2. then applied the Lemongrass Essential Oil on top of it.
  3. I then used Shea Butter to seal it in by rubbing it on the affected area last.

The pain and throbbing ceased within 5 minutes. I will apply this as needed  and at least once a day.

You can purchase this book on my Amazon store at Amazon Associate     It is worth the price because it lists each Essential Oil and its uses, recipes for using Essential Oils and great tips. If you want to increase your knowledge about Essential Oils and how to use them correctly, I highly recommend you add this book to your library. When you invest in your business you invest in yourself!


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