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Our New Subscription Plan

Why sign up for Tree Of Life Naturals’ subscription plan:
1. There are no surprises
How much do you hate it when you sign up for a free trial subscription box, the trial period expires, and then you get charged a big chunk of money for something you initially wanted for free?  Customers become afraid that if they don’t like the products they’ve signed up for, they’ll forget to cancel and waste money on stuff they don’t want.

You will not have this problem with Tree Of Life Naturals’ subscription plan because you pay for what you ordered. There is no mystery about what you will receive.

The current subscription plan is for 4 Coconut Dream Hair & Body Butters.

2. You will not have to worry about running out of the product you use on a daily basis. Our subscription plan is set up to bill you every three months. You will receive four- 4 oz jars of our Coconut Dream Hair & Body Butter. This comes out to a jar a month with a back up jar just in case.

The price including shipping is $62.06. Each jar is $13.99.

Click Here to Subscribe with NO Surprise