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My Journey To Healthy Loc’d Hair

My journey to healthy loc’d hair has been going on  for sixteen years. I have cut my locs about 4-5 times. They are currently shoulder blade length. My journey has been full of trial and error experiences with my hair.

The last time I cut my hair was about two years ago they were just above hip length. I cut them because I had a lot of lint in them.

As I said my journey has been full of trial and error episodes and my battle with lint is one of them.

I recently learned the importance of covering my locs at night…it helps to keep lint out of your locs. I will be purchasing a satin  bonnet from  Silky Wraps very soon!  In the meantime, I have already ordered two satin  pillow cases on Amazon in burgundy! So I have learned that it is better to prevent lint build up in your locs by wrapping your hair in satin at night and sleeping on a satin  pillow case.

Now my current dilemma!

I have to get rid of the lint that has built up in my hair and I have found out that the best way to get rid of lint is to color your hair. I was considering whether to color  my entire head  or only the tips…guess what?  My inaction has made the decision for me…I have no option other than to color my entire head of hair in order to cover the lint build up in my locs.

I will look into Shea Moisture’s hair colors. I have heard that their hair colors are natural. You can only purchase their hair color  on their website or at Target. Here is the link for you to check them out for yourself.

Well that’s all for now! If you liked this post and want me to do more posts about my journey to healthy locs, please hit the like button and/or share on your favorite social media outlet.

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Our New Subscription Plan

Why sign up for Tree Of Life Naturals’ subscription plan:
1. There are no surprises
How much do you hate it when you sign up for a free trial subscription box, the trial period expires, and then you get charged a big chunk of money for something you initially wanted for free?  Customers become afraid that if they don’t like the products they’ve signed up for, they’ll forget to cancel and waste money on stuff they don’t want.

You will not have this problem with Tree Of Life Naturals’ subscription plan because you pay for what you ordered. There is no mystery about what you will receive.

The current subscription plan is for 4 Coconut Dream Hair & Body Butters.

2. You will not have to worry about running out of the product you use on a daily basis. Our subscription plan is set up to bill you every three months. You will receive four- 4 oz jars of our Coconut Dream Hair & Body Butter. This comes out to a jar a month with a back up jar just in case.

The price including shipping is $62.06. Each jar is $13.99.

Click Here to Subscribe with NO Surprise



5 Easy Fly Repellents That You Can Make Yourself

I enjoy the hot weather of Summer but as you know the heat also brings the flies. So here are 5 easy fly repellants that you can make.

1. Using Vodka Based Fly Repellents: 

For some reason flies hate Vodka. They just cannot bear its smell and hence some people use vodka based repellents to ward off flies.

To make such vodka based fly repellents you will have to mix following ingredients:

1 cup vodka2 tsp aloe vera juice1 tsp lemon eucalyptus oil1/2 tsp. essential oil blend

After mixing the ingredients, pour them in a spray bottle. Apply it over your skin or spray it near the infested area to repel flies.

Note: Only apply this repellent on your skin if you are comfortable with it. If you have any kind of allergies with any of the above ingredients then it’s better to avoid this method.

2. Using Lemongrass Oil as a Natural Fly Repellent: 

Lemongrass oil has strong insect repellent properties and in addition to this it can also keep your home refreshingly aromatic. So, you can use the lemongrass oil to make a fly repelling spray that also works as a room freshener.

To make this spray you will have to mix following ingredients:

Lemongrass essential oil- 20-25 dropsHot water about 1/2 cup

Keep the solution in a spray bottle and spray it along your doorways and windows or any other fly infested area.

Note: In absence of Lemongrass oil you could also use other natural oils like Lavender oil, Citronella oil, Eucalyptus oil, Pennyroyal oil, or Peppermint oil. But with them you won’t achieve the results that you would get with Lemongrass oil.

Read this: Using natural oils to repel flies

3. Using Clove based Deterrent:

Cloves are pleasurably aromatic for humans butflies (particularly house flies) cannot stand the scent of cloves. In this remedy, you would have to use cloves along with lemons to deter flies.

To make this deterrent, take a lemon and cut it into two halves. After this, poke 6-12 cloves into each half of the lemon.

And then, you can keep few such clove poked lemons in a plate as a beautiful centerpiece for your table, especially for the times when you have meals with friends outdoor like in a barbeque party.

Alternatively, you could also use clove oil as it works better than solid cloves.

4. Creating Apple Cider Vinegar and Witch Hazel fly Repellent: 

This is a natural fly repellent that works mostly against house flies. To make this repellent, you would need following ingredients:

1/4 cup witch hazel1/4 cup apple cider vinegar30 – 60 drops of eucalyptus oil

To make this repellent mix 1/4 cup witch hazel and 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar. After this, add 30 – 60 drops of eucalyptus oil in the solution and shake the mixture well.

Now, you can apply this repellent on the uncovered areas of your body. Please note that do not let this solution to enter your eyes or mouth.

5. Using herbs like Basil, Lavender, and Mint to deter flies:

Flies do not like the fragrance of certain aromatic herbs, such as Elder, Basil, Lavender, Tansy, Wormwood, Rue, and Mint.

You could plant these herbs in a pot near your doorways to keep flies away. This will not only prevent flies from entering your house but will also make the surrounding environment healthy.

If for some reason you cannot plant these herbs then, get some dried basil and mint leaves. Tie them up in a cheesecloth or a muslin bag and hang them in the infested area.
*Recipes from Get Rid Of Flies Guide*

What are your favorite and most effective fly repellent recipes?

Essential Oil

One Sure Way to ADD a Punch To Your Essential Oils

One sure fire way to add a punch to your Essential Oils is to layer them when you apply them to your body. At an Essential Oil Class that I attended I was given a book on Essential Oils called The Essential Life. As I read it later I came across this layering method. i tried it and liked the results. In the book it recommends to layer for aromatheraphy benefits, as well as, to intensify the Essential Oil’s impact.

Layering is the process of applying more than one oil to a desired location to intensify the effect of an oil or to address multiple concerns at once. The Essential Life book

Peppermint Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil are good for muscle aches and pains. I have a recurring problem with my left leg it hurts badly in the muscle when I overexert myself. I use doTERRA Essential Oils because they are globally conscious of where to harvest the best oils and they assist their artisans with practical and monetary solutions to improve their living conditions.

This is What I DID!

  1. I applied the Peppermint Essential Oil first to my thigh, and
  2. then applied the Lemongrass Essential Oil on top of it.
  3. I then used Shea Butter to seal it in by rubbing it on the affected area last.

The pain and throbbing ceased within 5 minutes. I will apply this as needed  and at least once a day.

You can purchase this book on my Amazon store at Amazon Associate     It is worth the price because it lists each Essential Oil and its uses, recipes for using Essential Oils and great tips. If you want to increase your knowledge about Essential Oils and how to use them correctly, I highly recommend you add this book to your library. When you invest in your business you invest in yourself!

Essential Oil

3 New Things I learned About Essential Oils

I attended an Essential Oils class so I could learn more about my industry, health & beauty. The presenter at this class was Deb Henderson she is a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils. This class was very informative and packed full of good content so I decided to write a blog post about it and share with my followers three things that I learned. I was so impressed with her presentation that I have decided to only use doTERRA Essential Oils in my products starting in the near future. I met Deb at Women In Action, Inc breakfast series workshop and she approached me (she initiated the contact) about using her Essential Oils in my product. She made the connection that since I made all natural products I might want to consider using her Essential Oils in my products and then she followed up. These are key points for an entrepreneur to follow when seeking new customers, connect the dots for your potential customers. You have to market yourself! More about that in an upcoming post
on my other blog MarciaShannon52.com Women in Action is located in Worcester, MA/USA. It is a non-profit organization started by Chantel Bethea
Here are the three things that I learned. I know a lot about Essential Oils but I choose to keep an open mind so I can continue to learn more:
1. What are Essential Oils
Essential Oils come from the plant’s immune system .I searched on the web and found out further that when you cut a plant the substance that comes out is its essential oil, it is just like our blood when we get a cut we bleed and our blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the body, it is the same way with the essential oil and the plant.
2. Why use doTERRA Essential Oils?
Deb Henderson explained that doTERRA harvests their quality essential oils where it is natural for them to grow. Their essential oils are sourced from a global network of growers to ensure the most pure and efficacious essential oils. They even built a water line for a village in Haiti where they harvest some of their essential oils, so that the local harvesters don’t have to walk long distances to get water.
3. A new Way I learned to use Essential Oils
Tea Tree Essential Oil can be used for a sore throat by gargling with it. Peppermint Essential Oil can be used as a breath freshener simply by putting a little on the roof of your mouth. When cooking with Essential Oils add them last, just before the dish is ready.

Share in the comments ways that you use Essential Oils!



8 Benefits of Using Turmeric and Raw Honey

There are so many benefits for using turmeric and raw honey on your face as a facial. Turmeric is used for cooking curry dishes and I use it on my baked chicken. It has been used for centuries in India for cosmetic use.  I have found that turmeric helps to lighten dark spots on your face and lighten dark circles under the eye.  Turmeric is a natural moisturizer and helps your skin to retain its elasticity, which is good for youthful looking skin.

Benefits of turmeric for skin

  • Calcium- helps dry withered skin
  • Vitamin C- helps build up collagen and maintain skin tightness
  • Vitamin B6-keeps skin moisturized and healthy
  • Potassium-solves dry skin by moisturizing and hydrating skin cells
  • Magnesium- slows down the aging process of skin

Benefits of raw honey for skin

  • Acne- honey is naturally antibacterial, so its great for acne treatment and prevention
  • Aging- honey is full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down aging
  • Complexion boost- honey is extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps to create a glow

When you combine turmeric and raw honey together as a facial mask you are making a power packed cosmetic tool. Use it once a week or more if needed.

The Difference Between Raw Honey and Regular Honey

Raw honey has not been processed therefore it still has its original nutrients. Regular honey has been processed which is why it is liquidy and golden, whereas, raw honey is too thick to pour, you have to scoop it out. More information about Raw Honey vs Regular Honey

Here are links to more information about the benefits of turmeric:

  1. Huffington Post article on 6 health benefits of turmeric
  2. Article explaining what is so special about turmeric
  3. Known Side Effects of Turmeric

I included the last link to provide balance. It is good to also familiarize yourself with side effects of anything that you are using on your skin or ingesting.

Share with me in the comments your favorite turmeric and raw honey facial recipes!


My Hair & Body Butters

All Natural Hair Grease Debut 2016

I created an all natural hair grease for my old school customers that still like to grease their scalp. It is thicker than my hair & body butters but can also be used on your hair and body, just like my hair & body butters.
I have received soo much positive feedback from my customers about this new product.
One customer stated that her hair is very rough and kinky and that my All Natural Hair Grease has made her hair softer and smooth, so much so that her hair stylist even noticed the difference.
Another customer stated that this product is working wonders on her daughters hair.
Another customer likes it so much that she is going to ask her hair stylist to purchase it for her salon.

I came upon this great new product because I tapped into my customers wants. As an entrepreneur I want to develop new products that my customers want and the best way to do this is to think of one person instead of a target audience. Thinking this way allows me to be personal. I thought of a small segment of my customers, the ones that are not with all the new stuff and still roll the old fashioned way. By doing this I not only created a product that appeals to  this person but also to many others.

This product was debut at Shi Shi’s Lounge  Ladies night.

It is made with Organic  Shea Butter, Jamaican Black Castor OilEssential Oil Blend and Vitamin E oil.
To purchase it click this link. It is on sale for $10 for a 4 oz jar but purchase soon because the price will go back to 13.99 soon. It is also packaged in my L.O.C. Method Hair Treatment. I am currently offering a Purple Rain Limited Edition of the L.O.C. Method. It includes a 40z Ciara Destiny Hair Mist, 4oz Hair Oil and 4oz All Natural Hair Grease or a Hair & Body Butter. You can click the same link above to purchase this set.


Natural Hair Care

The Correct Way to Use Shea Butter

If you are using Shea Butter on your hair to retain moisture, then you do not put it on dry hair.You have to first give it something to seal in.  Shea Butter when used correctly to retain moisture is applied to hair that has been moisturized, according toShea Butter World.

After reading this profound information on Shea Butter World’s website, I thought about it and it made sense. Yes, Shea Butter has many other wonderful uses but if you are using it specifically  to moisturize your hair, you are not using it right if you are applying it to your hair before mositurizing your hair. Butters do not moisturize, they seal in moisture. The best moisturizer is water and the next best is aloe vera; that is why I have combined both of them in my Ciara Destiny Hair Mist.

To moisturize your hair you can use water, another moisturizer such as aloe vera or my Ciara Destiny Hair Mist.  Many naturals are using the L.O.C. Method, which is a three step process: 1. Liquid applied to hair, 2. Oil applied to seal in the liquid, and 3. Cream applied to hair to seal in the oil. You can read more about this method on my previous blog post.

Shea Butter is one of my favorites! It has so many uses other than for your hair or beauty. That is why most of my products have Shea Butter as their base ingredient. Shea Butter has healing and medicinal benefits. It contains more Vitamin C than an orange!

Please share in the comments your thoughts on not using Shea Butter on dry hair or any other methods that you use.


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Benefits of using oil to wash your face and remove your makeup

Hey, how is everybody doing today? I am so excited to share with you something new that I have learned about using oil to wash my face and removing my makeup. I was on YouTube last night going through my “watch later” videos and watched one on oil based face wash and makeup remover.

I had never even considered using oil to wash my face before but after watching this video, and many others on this same topic, I learned that it is a widely used cleansing method.  You can watch the video here


  1. When you use this method to wash your face you do not need to apply a moisturizer after washing your face. I absolutely love this! I tried it for the first time last night and again this morning. I did not need to apply a moisturizer afterwards and my face was not dry or tight. It felt very moisturized.
  2. It is very cheap to use this method. There are only two items needed to make this and you can make it yourself. I used pomace grade olive oil (you can use whatever kind you  have on hand), coconut oil (I melted it in the microwave), now you can stop here and it will work fine for you but I am an Essential Oil junky so I added the following Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang. If you are looking to purchase essential oils you can purchase them from my social media friend, Rita Pardo of Naturally Me and You. Click here to find out more about  her.

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